Friday, August 27, 2010

Accessories I love but could never wear

I will add this necklace to the long list of things I love but don't own and am very hesitant about buying or spending much money on. Also on the list, long, floor length dresses that are made out of silk or cotton and can't be worn with a bra, headpieces, full length, thigh-high knit socks and the rest is TBA as i remember more and more things.

Also I am glad its the weekend, I think I am tired and have been fucking up at work today as a result. I applied to blog at TIFF with CBC so I hope they like me and decide to have me as a blogger. It gives me something to do with my new-found life in Toronto.

On a side note, I do miss Hendricks, my friends in MTL and living with my EX. It was time but it was by no means all a bad thing. Adjustment is hard and I am not going back to school, home living with my parents for awhile with nothing to look forward to travel wise because I am trying to save money. I have been thinking about getting an extra bartending job just to make some extra cash and keep me busy from spending money on the weekends. Thoughts?

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