Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Day of Birth to Me!!!

Thanks for having me mom. I have always thought these days should be more about the lady that carried us for 9 Months. Or maybe about the TWO of us instead. Love you, you are my breath of air, motivation and best friend.

Dad, you are my strength and creative side. And clearly where I get my sense of humor, considered sick at times, from. You make me the over ambitious girl I am.

Eric. I love you so much and just want the best for you. You are the kid I wish I could have been in highschool and even now. Keep doing what you are doing, you WILL be happy.

These are the people that make me me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Extra Large sized two weeks

In two weeks I have managed to see two shows, works two times as much as I should be, write two midterms and drink every two days.

Two loads of laundry have been done, seven left to go. Relationships lost-1. Relationships found-2. 22 birthday to be had - 1. Days till Christie gets here-2.

One heck of a two weeks indeed. Time till life settles down back to its normal chaos:probably another two weeks. Its a damn good thing I haven't wanted to go home to Toronto cause god knows I wouldn't have time. And thank god for wonderful friends and fam jams from TO that have kept me going, even though they are so far away. Those relationships are the ones that I love the most; because I only seem to realize how valuable they are when I am so far away. But it does give me something amazing to look forward to.

Also. Thoughts on Halloween costumes...

Maybe I can get wicked yello pants from American Apparel. White boots tbd. but at least I am starting to think about it...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

questioning what it is all worth at the "end of the day"

so its not the end of the day. who is questioning what it is all worth? probably me and every other confused uni student that thought something that was long distance was the way to go. who really thought love would prevail? I did. Clearly I was mislead. So much for Romeo and juliet and everything that came with it.

Things are missing. This year should be ultimate and epic. All in one. I am done with most of it and questioning all of it. Hemingway here I come. Welcome to the glass half full.


Lindsay Woo