Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lazy Days and Long Weekends

So far summer in Montreal has been slightly out of the ordinary in more than one way. It has brought weather that is highly out of the ordinary. It barely feels like summer here. Unless i am so hot that I feel like my butt cheeks are stuck together forever when I wake up and I have to peel them apart, its not really summer.

Lots of fabulous mini trips to the market and mountain have happened and I am happy to say I am feeling more relaxed and laid back than I have in months. The last few have been more excruciating than I let on, mentally and physically.

Now, school is over, I have a job waitressing where I really don't have to think much and I can focus on my writing and pictoor taking ad nausium. Part of me knows that I should get my ass in gear and get published more but the other part of me is having fun enjoying these last few lazy, care free summer days spent reading, walking and enjoying the time spent kicking back and relaxing.

Omar, my boy from CJLO sent me this wicked link to some old Fugazi sessions that took place in 98'/ i had a weird time trying to upload them so you are going to have to check the link .

That is what summer is about. Finding good finds on the net and letting the others know about it. If the weather were sweltering I would have some different opinions but somehow it is not the case. This will have to do for now.