Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring has Sprung (blah blah blah)

This has been a serious year for the blahs. Ever since I have been back in Toronto things have changed a whole bunch. A lot of stuff has been changing for the better! I got a wicked job that I am really into, I moved out with some roommates (when I thought I was doomed to live alone forever!), Eric and I have been kicking it more ( EW and EP).

My seasons feel so different depending on where I am spending them. Normally there is this very nostalgic feeling I carry throughout the winter months. Something about the snow falling brings out the 2% romantic that is in me. Montreal seemed to bring out an unusual ease in feeling romantic. Maybe it was the atmosphere of the city or maybe it was the head space I was in while I lived there.

Romance in Toronto feels forced. Its this feeling I am only somewhat familiar with. To act on these feelings seems sort of douchey and fake. then there is this other part of me that loves the idea of doing something amazing and romantic like pool hopping or park gallivanting now that its nice out.

I really need to go check out castle loma. Its right up the street from me and seems like a good place for a picnic. Of course that picnic would consist of grilled cheese and beer but they would be nice beer, like Kronenberg, not my usual brand of Labatt 50. Maybe its also a good place to play a friendly game of Frolf. Who knows?

I just know that the thought of actually proposing something that thoughtful to a real, live human would require more alcohol consumption than it would take for me to tell my dad I am full of tattoos.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tabi, Murs, Titan and The Airplane Boys

CMF usually falls during mid term week for Concordia University so I was never able to attend. Now that I am living in Toronto, I have no good reason not to. Wednesday was my first go of it.

First stop was checking out Tabi Bonney from BC. He was opening for American Rapper, Murs. I have heard of Tabi only because we worked on some post production for his music video a few months ago. Murs was someone else I was familiar with but it was my friend Matt that made the call on going to see him.

It has been quite some time since I have been to a hip hop show. The vibe is so different then the one at the usual punk and metal shows I attend. There is an air of really easy going attitude in the crowd as we settle in for the show. It wasn't busy and I didn't really expect much from Tabi but he was surprisingly charismatic. he had a really smooth flow about how he delivered his rhymes, with catchy phrases and beats that were easy to move to.

blew my MIND with incredible delivery and diction in the way he speaks each word. It was like he was telling me stories I had no choice but to dance to. His presence and energy on stage impressed me. The dancing and moving is contagious. It makes me want extra large size dreads to throw around when I whip my hair.

Next we headed over to Parts and Lab-our to catch our friends in Titan throwing down some heavy riffs for a Metal showcase. Chris Woodford is always a hard core Ken doll to watch perform. Charismatic; he is one of the driving forces that makes Titan a well oiled machine. Frontman, James McDonough always catches me off guard when I see him live. He has a ton of energy and his raspy growl voice make him stand out as a stellar vocalist.Watching him and the Titan boys perform with an uncanny closeness reminds me of how long they have been an active, touring band for.

Steve Fennell is currently filling in a temporary spot as a bassist. He tended to hide behind one of his new bandmates as he played, which struck me as hilarious because regardless of whether you can see him, you can hear everything they are playing. They were LOUD. Fennell does really well with Titan considering his pop-punk back round as a bassist. Its good to see a musician like him getting live exposure.

After Titan, Matt and I wandered over to the Rivoli. The weather sucked goat titties as it was pouring rain everywhere. At the Rivoli we made it JUST in time to check out The Airplane Boys. The group hails from Scarborough, which was what drew me to them in the first place. They consist of a keyboardist as well as a clarinet player to give the usual drums/bass/guitar combo something to make it a little fuller sounding. Lead singers Beck Motley & Bon Voyage take the crowd with them in their arms as they dance and entertain to the truest sense of the words.

The boys mix style, class and a serious stage presence that will prove to be a force to recon with. I will be keeping my eyes peeled to see what comes next for this intriguing funk/hip-hop medley.

Being out and about for a concert festival in the city I live in was a breath of fresh air. I miss going to shows and seeing how much music has to do with so many parts of my life. Having an excellent Partner In Crime to spend a night like that with, helps a lot.

Shout outs to the concert Partners in Crime of moments past.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bachelor Mondays

Every Monday for the past 8 weeks I have gathered with two other dedicated, strong women to watch the Mr Wombat select his mate. No, we are not watching the Discovery Channel's "Mating Rituals of Urban Women." Or maybe we were and that should be a working title for The Bachelor next season.

The best thing is that I get to spend time with my best friend and my new roomie. This week, my absentee roomie joined us too. Mondays are a hard day; starting the week and giving up on the weekend is not easy. Mondays with the girls have made it far more bearable. So has the abundance of wine that seems to come of it. Now we are onto our very last week and I am pretty sad.

I can't really say that I buy into all this reality TV crap. Especially a show where the lead character is on his second run for true love. The show has nothing at all to do with reality. The reality is that these women will be sorely disappointed when they realize that, "Surprise", Brad doesn't have the cash to sweep you off to Vegas each weekend to spice things up. Or South Africa for that matter. These women are set up in unrealistic settings and get unrealistic ideas from this so-called reality TV show.

Heartbreak from someone that isn't real, isn't really heartbreak at all.

I will miss this bonding when its over. I hope we pick up another TV show that is better than the Bachelor.