Friday, October 29, 2010

Long Week but the Funk has lifted.

This week has been EXHAUSTING. Somehow we ended up having a Wild Wednesday with the girls because one of my fantastic friends has been going through a not-so-fantastic break-up. It REALLY sucks to see someone I care about going through this, but it seemed like Wednesday was a breaking point. It was one of those nights where everything still hurts so much. You think its going to get worse, then it does.

Hopefully what happens next is the part where you wake up the next day and feel like the weight is lifting. The sky is still really cloudy but you know that this part is so close to being over. It just takes time. The storm has now cleared though.

For me, more than my friend, I am getting closed to an actual, real live sunny day. Hopefully the Wild Wednesday was an indication of that. The week at work was amazing but long. But really amazing.

It is Halloween this weekend. What are YOU dressing up as?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sometimes I wonder if I had sisters, would I have better hair?

...just throwing it out there. I have had the pleasure of knowing some pretty fab sisters, that come in twos and threes. They all have good hair, I wonder why? I feel like my hair is REALLY blah right now, but then again, my mood has been really similar so who knows?

The weather is blah right now, my weekend was blah. Whats a girl to do?

I have toyed with running away back to Montreal for the weekend, but when I think about how much back and forth time I spent doing that when I first moved; it makes it REALLY hard to settle into one place and it makes you feel unsettled ALL the time. Excessively.

My birthday was a few weeks ago. It went moderately well. The indie babe dude showed. It just reminded me that I am not ready to deal/be with anyone. No relationships. I was going to adopt some lovely dogs I found off Unfortunately, I had to make an adult decision that was very last minute, in regards to not getting the dogs.

I felt awful that it was last minute, but ultimately I don't have the time it requires to adopt two pug dogs. They are four years old, fully trained and absolutely an amazing pair of dogs. But it would not be fair to that good ol' mother of mine that has been sweet enough to house me while I figure out whether I want to move out or buy something.

I was out with my insane Partner in Crime, known as Big C, on Saturday night.We had a pretty real talk. Basically, things are a little all over the place. Breaking up with someone you lived with isn't easy. It sucks even more when one of any of these things happen:

-living with the person
-you are in love with the person
-you own a pet or property with the person
-they moved somewhere for you over a long distance relationship or made some kind of extreme gesture of dedication to the investment of the future of your relationship
-is friends with your friends for an extended period of time
-gets along with your parents really well
-OR you get along with THEIR parents or siblings really well
-doesn't realize the way you do that the relationship REALLY REALLY REALLY is over which leads to this insane game of blame and hurt that really sucks.

My relationship ended with way more than one of these things happening, sauf for the cheating. Which is relieving, because that shit gets scary when there is sex involved.

I guess my point is this: Many many many things have changed lately and I can't tell if I am someone that hates change, avoiding it as though it doesn't exist at all. Or if I am some one that will embrace it, because let's face it, things change, people change and life is full of surprises. Is there such a thing as too much change all at once?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Some things I like a lot in life include October for many reasons. It really is my my favorite month and I would love to tell you why.

- pumpkins
- costumes
- kids, dogs, friends in costumes
- the seasonal food, clothes and weather
- the leaves changing color
-my birthday
- pumpkin muffins, soup and lattes
- turkey and everything that comes with it like family, wine, pie and leftovers

Band Bio: Introducing Greys from TOronto

One of the things that stands out about bands from the 90's was their uncanny ability to have a physical location attributed to their sound. It happened with punk often being associated with Washington or California. With grunge and mathrock, it came from Seattle and Chicago and now, somewhere down the line, we can throw Greys from Toronto into the brickwork of the wall of noise that makes these bands standout.

Now, jsut because they are a new band that sounds like some other older bands, by no means makes them a throwback band. Although math rock and shoegaze are not words we get to use in our daily music vocabulary all too often anymore, those that hold this music close to their hearts will be happy to know that Greys is a legitimate addition.

Simply put, they display the raw, aggressive, yet artful and progressive traits bands haven't had in over a decade - especially in their hometown. Greys aren't hosting dance parties, nor do they have singer/songwriter side-projects. They just play very, very loud rock music - and yet it's so much more.

Much is to be accredited to the bands lead singer and guitarist, Shehzaad Jiwani, who is bringing you original material that is very complex and layered. His musical influences ring through in a way that only an appreciative musician could do justice to. If you are looking for some light hearted music to dance to, you won't find it here. They are throwing dance rock out the window and blowing it away with the distortion from their amps.

The band worships at the altar of the almighty riff, yet champion more angular rhythms of math rock. They have a knack for melody, but they bury them in their convoluted song structures. This may make them out to be proggy in some respect, but they value the economic and bare-bones ideology of quick and precise punk rock.

Put it this way: if Fugazi suddenly displayed a penchant for stoner rock riffs; if the Jesus Lizard canned David Yow for the singer of Shudder To Think; if Nirvana never released Nevermind; if the nineties never ended - this is the alternate universe in which Greys exist.

If you're into it, they'd love to have you. Ditch the dance party and come get real

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Turkey Blues

I don't know whats wrong with me but ever since I even started thinking about Thanksgiving and what I am thankful for, I got all blue!!! Its highly unlike me to do such a thing, because Thanksgiving is halfway to Halloween and a week before my birthday, thus making October my FAVORITE month.

These blues are so unwarranted. they have nothing to do with guys. Nothing to do with school, because I am graduated. Nothing to do with Family, for once. So I don't know where to start. I think they are self inflicted. The weather has been amazing lately, I cooked a killer turkey on the weekend, met a dude that seems to be from a dream land of indie boys and just can;t figure out what it is.

Soon to come, amazing posts of pictures I have been loving and gathering.

Please note: Along with October being so very lovely in terms of celebrating me, my brother, the things we are thankful for and dressing up, the trees changing from green, to yellow, through to red and falling off lightly, just to be frosted with cool moisture in the morning; I love the weather/fashion.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yum. Next up, Thanksgiving.

I want these so much. They look amazing, I have to add it to the list of "things that are not meant to be meals but I will eat as a meal." list.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Decorative things for a deam room

Bed, Art for the walls. Dream Bed I might add. Meant to dream in excessively.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Amazing Dress I want...

Oh yeah, hey, what's up gorgeous dress I could live in?

I would wear this everywhere, I have been looking for a longer, patterned dress for awhile now.