Friday, October 29, 2010

Long Week but the Funk has lifted.

This week has been EXHAUSTING. Somehow we ended up having a Wild Wednesday with the girls because one of my fantastic friends has been going through a not-so-fantastic break-up. It REALLY sucks to see someone I care about going through this, but it seemed like Wednesday was a breaking point. It was one of those nights where everything still hurts so much. You think its going to get worse, then it does.

Hopefully what happens next is the part where you wake up the next day and feel like the weight is lifting. The sky is still really cloudy but you know that this part is so close to being over. It just takes time. The storm has now cleared though.

For me, more than my friend, I am getting closed to an actual, real live sunny day. Hopefully the Wild Wednesday was an indication of that. The week at work was amazing but long. But really amazing.

It is Halloween this weekend. What are YOU dressing up as?

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