Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sometimes I wonder if I had sisters, would I have better hair?

...just throwing it out there. I have had the pleasure of knowing some pretty fab sisters, that come in twos and threes. They all have good hair, I wonder why? I feel like my hair is REALLY blah right now, but then again, my mood has been really similar so who knows?

The weather is blah right now, my weekend was blah. Whats a girl to do?

I have toyed with running away back to Montreal for the weekend, but when I think about how much back and forth time I spent doing that when I first moved; it makes it REALLY hard to settle into one place and it makes you feel unsettled ALL the time. Excessively.

My birthday was a few weeks ago. It went moderately well. The indie babe dude showed. It just reminded me that I am not ready to deal/be with anyone. No relationships. I was going to adopt some lovely dogs I found off Craigslist.com. Unfortunately, I had to make an adult decision that was very last minute, in regards to not getting the dogs.

I felt awful that it was last minute, but ultimately I don't have the time it requires to adopt two pug dogs. They are four years old, fully trained and absolutely an amazing pair of dogs. But it would not be fair to that good ol' mother of mine that has been sweet enough to house me while I figure out whether I want to move out or buy something.

I was out with my insane Partner in Crime, known as Big C, on Saturday night.We had a pretty real talk. Basically, things are a little all over the place. Breaking up with someone you lived with isn't easy. It sucks even more when one of any of these things happen:

-living with the person
-you are in love with the person
-you own a pet or property with the person
-they moved somewhere for you over a long distance relationship or made some kind of extreme gesture of dedication to the investment of the future of your relationship
-is friends with your friends for an extended period of time
-gets along with your parents really well
-OR you get along with THEIR parents or siblings really well
-doesn't realize the way you do that the relationship REALLY REALLY REALLY is over which leads to this insane game of blame and hurt that really sucks.

My relationship ended with way more than one of these things happening, sauf for the cheating. Which is relieving, because that shit gets scary when there is sex involved.

I guess my point is this: Many many many things have changed lately and I can't tell if I am someone that hates change, avoiding it as though it doesn't exist at all. Or if I am some one that will embrace it, because let's face it, things change, people change and life is full of surprises. Is there such a thing as too much change all at once?

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