Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mistakes I made this summer

This summer I decided to shake things up a little by heading home to Toronto.

#1 Lesson number one, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

There I took on a stooshie job serving crustless sandwiches to snobby white people with a bunch of moderately over privileged white kids for a whole summer, while not realizing this awful transformation was occurring. When you are in a situation where things aren't really THAT bad and you can't do much to change it; when there REALLY is a light at the end of the summer, I mean tunnel, you start to settle for a life more mundane, with lowered standards.

Things didn't go exactly as planned when I got home. I ended my relationship, for a lot of different reasons, making my whole reason for putting up with the shitty things in Toronto obsolete.

To counter that point, not everything was bad. I doubt I would have seen as much of my high school buddies as I ended up doing if I hadn't of made some of the decisions I did. But the part that is really still sitting with me about this summer is the part of me that I lost in doing some of the things I did and making the choices I did.

#2 Never, EVER, EVER let a guy change you. or change yourself for a guy.

After breaking up with cet ex boyfriend, I wasted much much much too much time with another guy that I thought was "a little different and worth taking the time to get to know" or, " really a nice guy under everything, he just doesn't have a lot of experience and no one gave him a chance."

Well I was right about the last one because it was written all over his hairless little face. No one had given him a chance for a lot of obvious reasons that were clear real fast. One, no bedside manners.

This guy said shit to me in bed that would blow the dirrtiest people you know away.

"No really, what is your ideal weight?" he asked me, while I was at 135 lbs, at 5'8 1/2. REALLY? Any skinnier and my ass would be concave bitch?!

"So how much does it cost to get waxed?" he asked, pointing to my lady bits? Well it doesn't cost much and when it is LONG ENOUGH, I will be sure to get right in there. But right now, I am a grown lady that is happy to have something that lets other people know that. Now I am not talking a 70's bush here ladies and gents, but hair that wasn't even a 1/4 of an inch long. So, lil man, stop implying that its time for a wax. Really women have some hair and some curves.

But I guess when your game is run by nineteen year olds, you don't know any better right? WRONG.

The hairless wonder had the audacity to tell me, and assorted others that we WORKED with...
#3 NEVER sleep with anyone you work with. Duh.

The kid thinks that he is gods gift to women in bed. He's not. Far far from it. Experience counts for something and those of us that have been with a partner for any length of time will tell you that honey, its quality not quantity.

At first I thought about going into detail but I figure I will have a little more class than that and leave it alone.

#4 and this one isn't for me. Don't sleep and tell.

On that note though, don't give details. It doesn't mean that it gives you free reign to lie to people about going home with me. Yes, he did that too. He went all the way home with his "best friend" in a cab, then hopped back in the cab and came to my house. Then I was sworn to secrecy because now, he doesn't want to look bad.

Its been a whole damn summer of us looking bad.

There is always something to learn from every situation. I had a lot to learn from this summer, unfortunately it was all once I got to Montreal and was able to look back on the situation. I know it still isn't time for me to move back there to say the least. Working towards a major trip like somewhere Nice in France makes it so so so much better. It makes the people you spend your vacation with very valuable and the ones you meet even more special!!!

TBC... France is on the way.