Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lions loose in Ottawa!!!

OMG!!! Boomer the lion is loose in Ottawa/Quebec! Someone thought it would make a good house pet. I didn't know lions could be domesticated. The dude thought it would be a good idea to walk Boomer on a leash on the side of the road when he got loose. Bummer. Now the little kiddies have to play inside. And we thought pedophiles were a problem in the big city. At least we don't have to worry about mother fucking lions.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I wish some one had of bought me a ‘drank’ or a bottle before I sat through this show. Many people warned me about going to it. They said, “Lindsay, it will be T-Pain singing along over his own voice,” or “He won’t sing very well because of his voice being so digitalized.”

Well guys, you were sooooo right. First, I got to the show and realized someone forgot to memo me about the dress code. Apparently jeans and kicks are out and dresses (long shirts) and hooker boots were in.

I never thought a concert could look so much like the inside of a club. Then again, I never thought three men on stage with a DJ could put me to sleep. It wasn’t even that they were bad but they were not entertaining.

T-Pain and Family consisted of him and his unknown boys running around the stage in matching tees and jeans. T-Pain looks like he ate one too many buckets of fried chicken. His boys fully showed him up dancing.

It wouldn’t be fair to comment on the singing quality of the show because singing was clearly not something that happened. The boys ran around the stage shouting nonsense that was more than exhausting to try and follow.

I went and sat down and tried to come up with some kind of criticism of the show. Then, my ears started bleeding from the gibberish that was being stuttered into the mics.

The MOST “music” I heard at this circus of a show was T-Pain singing the chorus off of songs on his first two albums. Which are decent albums, but not his most popular work.
After about an hour and half of the ridiculous crap on stage, I couldn’t keep myself from yawning anymore. I had to call it a night.

For those of you that were brave enough to stay for the show, I hope T-Pain got around to shutting the f*@K up and doing what he is there to do. Sing on a mic and have a machine make it sound way better than he probably really does.

By Lindsay Wood

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

in Toronto

Home for a bit of a visit. I haven't told too many peeps that I am here because I have one thought in mind and it's getting my mum off to Europe without worrying that Eric and I will burn the house down while she is gone.

We won't, I swear.

Then its back to MTL for summer school, which I am stoked about. I feel like the big things are over and now I can kinda settle down and do wicked summer ish. I have to get a job. #1! I have until April 23 to get that done.

The J school party went well I think. Mad peeps showed, dinner involved little hamburger-a-go-go's and mini tacos that made me think if something dirty.

Also. Listening to: Kate Perry. Kinda bluesy. Pretty decent. I like the line "your so sad, maybe you should buy a happy meal."

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Slushies and Summer

Today I heard melting outside my window when I woke up. Stumbling into the kitchen, I turned on the kettle, tripped back into my room and opened the window to get the weather report (read=stuck my head outside). It was all sunny and the snow was melting. Leaving the window wide open, I crawled back under the covers, and let the cool breeze blow and the sun shine on my face while I sucked in the rays, waiting for the kettle to boil.

After making my tea I hopped into the shower, then back into bed once again. Georgia Nicholson and Angus the cat are becoming characters that have crept into my subconscious and I can't get them out; or can I get enough of their crazy stories.

It was a good way to start the day and as I lay in bed for round two, I thought about the most memorable moment I spent last summer, the one that was a must-do again this year.

The winners were a tie.

One was a magical day, spent with two of the best ladies at Centre Island in TO. We rented bikes and had a brilliant picnic on the water. It ended with an adventure with cute animals at the petting zoo.

The second was a hot summer night, filled with shenanigans. We were sweaty, we had a rosy drunk glow in our cheeks and we ran through the sprinklers. Nothing else could have mattered in the world during those moments. I can't wait to have more.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Cute Show

My good friend Andy has this ability to make me smile. Often he sends me things from

I look at the pictures and say aw. Andy told me he only sends me the best ones though. I also watch The Cute Show and laugh to myself over and over. And over. A few weeks ago I did a cute edition on my radio show with my friend Josh and we talked things that are cute. And music that is cute. SO I played a song called "Red Sweater" by the Aquabats.

Travis Barker from Blink-182 used to be in the band. He wore a nine piece spandex costume. Hot stuff no? But not really cute.

Not more than a half an hour ago, I was in class and decided to share this site with Nick. Nick says that this is the difference between guys and girls.

To which I responded with, "I have never watched porn online."