Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Cute Show

My good friend Andy has this ability to make me smile. Often he sends me things from

I look at the pictures and say aw. Andy told me he only sends me the best ones though. I also watch The Cute Show and laugh to myself over and over. And over. A few weeks ago I did a cute edition on my radio show with my friend Josh and we talked things that are cute. And music that is cute. SO I played a song called "Red Sweater" by the Aquabats.

Travis Barker from Blink-182 used to be in the band. He wore a nine piece spandex costume. Hot stuff no? But not really cute.

Not more than a half an hour ago, I was in class and decided to share this site with Nick. Nick says that this is the difference between guys and girls.

To which I responded with, "I have never watched porn online."

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