Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Resolutions!

Today is the first official day of spring, whatever that means.

To me, this is around the time I realize that I have broken every New Year's resolution I have made. This year I decided to do things differently and swore I wouldn't make resolutions, but I am realizing the problem isn't the resolutions, it's the season. Nothing changes in weather from December to March. So what is different about Dec. 31st to Jan.1st that will make you want to consciously choose to drop "bad" habits and stick to that? The days are all the same, long and cold. Nothing changes, so why should you?

I am breaking that tradition. Today felt like a new day. It may not look nice outside, I still can't see any green, but spring is in the air.

So I am making resolutions. Nothing too die hard. But nothing I am going to feel bad about in a few months time when I realize I haven't kept half of them anyways.

1. Stop being busy.

I say I am busy all the time. I am turning into the busy girl. I HATE the busy girl. So that is not happening anymore. If you ask me how I am, and I respond with, "busy" you have full permission to kick me repeatedly in the shins until they bleed. That is the only way to learn a lesson.

2. Becoming independent of text messaging and facebooking like a fiend.

I am sick of being a Facebook slave. I was doing so well. Some people are ok with it.I am soooo not. I feel like a stalker. I don't want to be extreme and get rid of it but if it doesn't stop it may go that far.

Text messaging in front of other's is just rude. I just need to stop. That's all.

3. I need to play more guitar.

For obvious reasons. Its fun. I was good at it.

4. Be artsy. Draw/Paint more

See above reasons.

5. Pitch more ideas to different publications.

One day this is shit I will get paid for. Why not start now?

6. Get out more, i.e Exercise. (NOT join a gym)

Who doesn't like fresh air? Walking is cheaper. Nothing wrong with saving money for beer? Nothing.

7. Buy your bus pass at the beginning of the month.

Seems easy right? You would be surprised how difficult this can be and how often I forget.

8. Blog more.

9. Go home to TO more. And stay longer.

Short visits are a bummer. Go home less for longer would be more appropriate

10. Hang out with the extended fam.

They are actually wicked. I don't see them enough.

I figure I will keep half of these. There are other little things that would be good to do. But I feel like the weather is changing, I changed my room around, I can sleep with the windows open and things are a changin'. Why not roll with it?

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