Monday, March 17, 2008

Scene Shtuff

This week Justice played on Sunday. I saw them a little while ago in NYC with some people from CJLO for CMJ.

Enough acronyms for you?

It was tons of fun, every kid that knows anything about having some rad, unique style showed up, and then some. American Apparel wear was seen left right and centre on the least expected people.

We were leaving and caught sight of some young adolescent boys wearing head bands and lame leggings. They were moderatly coordinated with high tops and neon t's.

SO much for "banging in the white tee."

Those are collecting dust on a shelf, along with the black leggings from the 80's. Not that the aren't back with a vengence but they mean something else when worn by teenaged boys.

Up on FaceBook were pics of some girls I know that work for Vogue or do something with Vogue. Or maybe they are just groupies, who knows? But they put up their pics with the photoshopped finishing touches.

I had to ask myself, "What is the world coming to when 14-16 year old boys wear it better than skinny, 20 something girls?"

I think the world is becoming a much, much more interesting place, especially the world of fashion.

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