Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring has Sprung (blah blah blah)

This has been a serious year for the blahs. Ever since I have been back in Toronto things have changed a whole bunch. A lot of stuff has been changing for the better! I got a wicked job that I am really into, I moved out with some roommates (when I thought I was doomed to live alone forever!), Eric and I have been kicking it more ( EW and EP).

My seasons feel so different depending on where I am spending them. Normally there is this very nostalgic feeling I carry throughout the winter months. Something about the snow falling brings out the 2% romantic that is in me. Montreal seemed to bring out an unusual ease in feeling romantic. Maybe it was the atmosphere of the city or maybe it was the head space I was in while I lived there.

Romance in Toronto feels forced. Its this feeling I am only somewhat familiar with. To act on these feelings seems sort of douchey and fake. then there is this other part of me that loves the idea of doing something amazing and romantic like pool hopping or park gallivanting now that its nice out.

I really need to go check out castle loma. Its right up the street from me and seems like a good place for a picnic. Of course that picnic would consist of grilled cheese and beer but they would be nice beer, like Kronenberg, not my usual brand of Labatt 50. Maybe its also a good place to play a friendly game of Frolf. Who knows?

I just know that the thought of actually proposing something that thoughtful to a real, live human would require more alcohol consumption than it would take for me to tell my dad I am full of tattoos.

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