Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Day of Birth to Me!!!

Thanks for having me mom. I have always thought these days should be more about the lady that carried us for 9 Months. Or maybe about the TWO of us instead. Love you, you are my breath of air, motivation and best friend.

Dad, you are my strength and creative side. And clearly where I get my sense of humor, considered sick at times, from. You make me the over ambitious girl I am.

Eric. I love you so much and just want the best for you. You are the kid I wish I could have been in highschool and even now. Keep doing what you are doing, you WILL be happy.

These are the people that make me me.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsay Woo - what a nice tribute! But, hey, it's your day so enjoy the beer and good wishes that come your way! Without a doubt you are a daughter to be proud of and you always bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. What I don't understand though, is, where did the WOO come from? Are you heading off to Asia and thought it might work better without the D? Love ya. Mom