Monday, August 23, 2010

shoe withdrawl

its been a whole seven months and twenty three days since I have purchase a brand new pair of shoes. My Ex and mother have taken pity on me and given me shows in the past year. But the whole point was not to buy any new shoes because I think I have a serious problem. So. Its been seven months, only five more to go. And even after this insanity is over, I will not buy anymore running shoes for at least TWO years.

but it doesn't mean a girl can't dream.


Juliette said...
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Juliette said...

I adore all those shoes, but I have forced myself to steer clear of shoes. I figure I have enough. But, like you, I can still dream.

Lindsay Woo said...

sometimes it isn't so bad. but othertimes, like when I am shopping with my mom and she is looking at shoes, i just have to walk away. slightly pathetic I know, but I was moving about a month ago and after hauling buckets of shoes down four flights of stairs, it was clear that this was the right decision.