Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tree Houses and Coffee

At this point in my journey of being contempt with the waves of unemployment, this being the longest time in almost eight years that I have been unemployed without school being thrown into the mix, I am sitting here wondering, "Who on earth would spend $6500 USD on a vacation in Thailand, no airfare included, to sit in a tree?"

There is nothing wrong with it, but the idea of it leaves me sitting, wondering, who would do it? I can't imagine at this point in my life, being this frivolous with money.

Right now I dream of the idea of a full time job, something with a nine to five stability that would get me out of student debt and keep my mind busy enough to keep me from wondering who would ever pay $6500 USD to sleep in a tree.

Starbucks was supposed to offer a certain amount of mindless self loathing, a place that offered comfort of a job where I can leave headaches and work drama at the door, somewhere where the only thing I bring home is the stench of stale coffee and a paycheck. Maybe a story or two about the insane regulars that happen to wander through. But that's all it was supposed to be.

It's funny how things turn out.

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