Wednesday, March 31, 2010

not just a coffee girl?

So maybe you aren’t working in Kenya or overseas yet. There is a lot you can do to impact change wherever you work, anywhere that is. By Lindsay Wood

Everyday I wake up at five o'clock, make my way to work and find it in my body to smile at the first twenty people, if you can do that, you’re laughing. Despite a language barrier there are something’s that are universal. This week, I realized that without a doubt, one of the things that have had the most instantaneous impact on someone is a smile. It is free, effortless and can change a mood or day for even just a moment, most times for the better.

For the past week a man has been coming into my coffee shop around six forty-five, just around fifteen minutes after we open. There is never a line, hardly ever another person in the store. It is a nice way to start the day, quiet and calm with a short interaction with each person that comes into the cafe bleary eyed searching for a coffee. Sometimes I am the first person to ask them how they are or to say, “Good Morning!” to them. This means I can be the person that impacts how their day goes. Maybe the day already had a bad turn; missing the bus, sleeping through an alarm. Anything can happen from when you wake up, to the moment you leave your house and arrive at work. Or stop in to grab a coffee on the way. This is when I get my chance to have an impact, even if it is small.

When the man comes in, it is with a purpose and in a hurry, more than one I can understand that early in the morning. But, with a smile, I am happy to give him his coffee, even though he doesn't even have time to respond to my greeting, "Bonne matin," with anything other than, "Medium Coffee."

But today, he smiled. And said hello back, even took a moment to nod his head as he headed towards the cream and sugar. And it makes me wonder if I had a chance to start his day off with a smile all those days before and he realized how little it took but how big it makes you feel to just do the same.

Even when you are rushing so fast that you almost forget why or where you are going, try to remember not too. Take a moment to make eye contact and make someone’s day, make him or her realize what it can feel like and remember that it only takes one person and one seemingly small, positive action everyday to make a difference. Its much easier to smile then frown and let’s face it, its contagious and the wrinkle lines can be much more flattering.

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Right you are lady! :)