Saturday, May 17, 2008

Talkin Big

Yesterday a friend told me that I talk big. I'm still trying to figure out what that means.

When I think about the meaning of "talks big" I think two things. One being that people that talk big are almost shit talkers. They talk bigger than what they are. They hype stuff up that they think will make them sound cooler then what they probably are.

This type of person also talks way too much and tends to be a "yes" person in my head. The female half of this type I generally dislike. They male half pisses me off pretty soon after.

Obviously this type is not one I am fond of, so this comparison/description of me kind of irked me. And it definitely sat on my mind for awhile.

The other thing that comes to mind is maybe someone that talks alot. Talks loud, perhaps like a stereo-typical italian man. Maybe someone that has a lot of hand gestures when they speak.

Now I am just left unsettled, because although there are probably many other ways this could be interpreted but all of my translations are of the negative type. Its weird, I am well aware that I talk alot when I am nervous.

And also that after a few drinks, I tend to say things that use language that may not be exactly the type (words) I am looking for. Which often leads to miscommunications.

Not necessarily lies but I don't think I am as clear as I could be. But duh, I have also had a few drinks.

But I was sober. And to be called someone that talks big? I'm just not sure I am ok with that. Maybe I will come up with a new hang-up in the next few days so I can talk big about something else.

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