Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Years Eve-Sleepless in Seattle

Everyone has finally figured out that going out on New Years is overrated. We are finally getting old enough to realize that the entire celebration is just going to end up sucking, so we are either going to be really romantic about it or deliciously sentimental.

If you have a big family and you are lucky enough to be the kind that parties together, you will be lucky enough to spend New Years Eve with them. My best New Years were spent with a family I know called the Carduccis. They are a lovely Italian family with a mother goose that is one of the best ladies I know. The house is bursting with food,drinks, love, nice people and good conversation. There is nothing more I would ever want from a New Years Eve.

As the years have passed and I have come and gone from Toronto to Montreal, the years have changed and the Carduccis stopped being a second home. But there is nothing I would rather do than spend time with them again.

One year we tried to go out. It was a waste of money and time; realistically the best part of that night was getting dressed up and having hors d'oeuvres. That has been the general consensus with going out/ its always over rated.

I was hoping to spend NYE this year with a few new friends and a boy to kiss at midnight but I think I will be lucky if I have someone to spend the night with at all. Things don't always go to plan but I am really grateful for the friends I will get to see.

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