Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All I want for Christmas

Hot Buttered Rum is on the top of the list. I hate rum, I LOVE butter.

This reminds me of butterbeer from 'Arry P'otter. I cannot wait for Christmas my way. It will include a bunch of festive horror movies, like Black Christmas and Jack Frost. But not the one with Michael Keaton, though there are some creepy aspects to that movie.

Who knows what will go one between Christmas and New Years? I have a ton of down time where I will indeed be working alone, so look forward to an excess of posts about Christmas, overrated holiday cheer, men, cooking, friends and clothes.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Buttered Rum mention!

As luck would have it, today we posted real Buttered Beere from the earliest known recipe (1588). It's mighty tasty:

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