Friday, September 24, 2010

Hipster Musings

A little while ago I finished reading a pretty decent book called "Dear Diary" by Leslie Arfin. It was pretty funny and honest. It was about some excerpts Leslie had found from her own diaries over the past 15 years and her thoughts and comments on them now. I think the thing I enjoyed most about this idea was that I was able to relate to not only the content, but watching her evolve as a writer too.

In the book she mentions a whole bunch of shit about the guys from Vice and how it all came to be.

It made me realize that I wasn't all to clear on the idea the magazine presented to people before I read it and wrote for them. It was a pretty different publication back then.

TO this day people are still regarding Gavin, who left the mag and started his own thing, "Street Boners" which is a whole website dedicated to do's and don'ts, as one of the originators of "Hipsterdom".

I read an amazing article he references, another bloggers much more coherent ideas on the topic. Enjoy!!!

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