Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Reverant

Kerry Prior delivers comedy and gore for almost a full two hours, leaving very few dull moments for his audience to stop laughing at his new movie, The Revenant. The movie genre is that of comedy mixed with a touch of gore and the humor of a stoner movie, minus the cheap college humor.

Lines are delivered with ease by cast members David Anders and Chriss Wylde, who play the best of bros, but s during the beginning scenes of the movie, the dialogue seems forced and a little too cliche, without enough quippy, more clever remarks. It is balanced out with subtle humor that is often delivered by the female cast members. Generally the happy banter between two male actors in a comedic movie proves to be more natural and convincing than that of two females.

As there often is a romantic relationship, this one is quickly and thankfully lost at the beginning when the main character dies and his best friend steps in to comfort the lady he left behind.

The relationships between the friends was clarified by the director from the introduction to the movie at the screening, yet without it, it wouldn't have been so clear that the friendship between the few main characters was a developed friendship that had years of history behind it. The circumstances of the death of the main character, the revenant, at the beginning of the film puts a strain on the back story of the plot. Though irrelevant, it made the plot seems to have holes between the easy, somewhat crass banter and the relationships between the characters. It doesn't take away from the story or what is going on but the fact that something is missing is evident.

The gore factor in the movie was paired perfectly with the amount of visual and make-up special effects, making up for the flaws in the character relations. Seeing as a Reverant is a somewhat undefined entity until now this must have left some room for creativity with for the make up artists brought on board and their touches were applied with great detail and perfection. Nothing at all over the top and the additional special effects will please any horror buff without a doubt.

Not quite a zombie, not quite a vampire. But still enjoying the blood and killing of others. Mixed with the antics of the Revenants best friend, the movie has a lot of antics offering strong comedic timing, believable friendship and a touch of clever disbelief.

Lindsay Wood

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