Friday, January 22, 2010

Cute shit, The New Year and other things that have happened since Christmas.

2010 started off in the communist country of Cuba, more specifically at Club Kawama, right outside of the downtown area of Veraderro.
The trip wasn't anything to sneeze at, as I got to spend a much needed amount of time with my mother and brother Eric, who has grown into quite the young man. IT has been years since I have spent more than a few hours at a time with the kid and it was very apparent that was a word I would no longer use when referring to him. Eric showed me very quickly that he is no longer a kid, but a really smart, mature ( I choke as I write this) man. Someone I was very proud of, yet very different from, by the end of the week.

The week home was a whirlwind, working at the cheese and delaying my christmas shopping as much as possible. Then, we were gone. The days home came and went by so fast;faster than usual. I figured time at home would slow down more without a boyfriend there, but it really didn't change the time at all. I still felt like I was rushing around while the clock counted down to Cuba.

We left on a Sunday afternoon, which was supposed to be a Sunday evening. Much to my dismay, while I was getting my bear claws (feet) groomed by a very nice woman, I get a phone call from mummy dearest saying, "sorry if you had anything planned or if you aren't done packing but we have to be at the airport sooner than later because I misread our departure time." Oh. Ok, sorry little woman nice enough to touch my unruly feet, I have to leave now.

The nice woman SERAN wrapped my feet, so as not to smudge my toenail polish, and off we went. Needless to say, I wasn't completely done packing and realized a few days into the trip that, with rainy weather, I was not spending the time I had hoped in my bikini and had not packed enough underwear. But, I did have my trusty harem pants, a gem found by my bestie, Christie, in Nice, France. Let me say, they do feel more...liberating without panties.

The week was pretty unmemorable in terms of events. Not because I was black out drunk, but more because everything was pretty sub par. The food was unidentifiable, the weather was nice half the time, the people were the usual resort fare (except for one or two that were weeded out as amazing by the last few days) and the NYE celebration was only exceptional because it was in Cuba and I didn't have to plan it. It was also the one and only night I got really wasted.

The best part of finally going away to a much needed beach, that was really a Cuba sand-flea farm, was the time I got to spend getting to know my brother. As it had been a few years, I realized not only did I miss out on watching him grow into a man, but also watching him become a really sweet guy that does, in fact, watch out and take care of my mom, while I am living in Montreal. Its sweet that he chooses to be at home and I got home and started wondering where I am really supposed to be.

The upcoming months have amazing, new things ahead. I think I am going to move out of my lovely apartment, in hopes of finding something new and cheap, to go with the new and not so cheap undergrad degree I have earned. The winter is proving to be be a strange one with a cold I can't seem to beat and the strangest weather global warming has brought to date. And I am trying to continue my much anticipated career as a Starbucks Barista.

The roomie is out and we have parted ways amicably. New friends have been made in 10' and some got left behind in 09' but I'm feeling pretty ok about it either way.

New years resolution: not to sleep with people who suck and not to waste anymore time on them.

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Steph said...

Ah new year, lovely new things!
You say much nicer things about your brother then I do my sister ;)