Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ride, Ride, Riding along.

FINAL WEEK OF CLASSES! Jesus, this has been a hard semester. When I got back from France I was SO excited to get over the SHITTINESS that Toronto exuded on my general being this summer. Blogging has been the last thing on my mind, between wasting my time on useless beings, writing for, attempting to write for the Montreal Mirror, working and going to school has almost killed me. Oh yeah, I have a room mate now too!!!

It has been insanity. Being in France doesn't seem so long ago; the semester flew by. Luckily my summer malfunctions weren't carried on to Nice and I was able to take time for myself and my best gal buddies while I was in France. Unfortunately, because I left my problems at the door in TO, they were waiting for me when I got home. To the point, where they liked me so much they followed me to Montreal, then kicked my ass repeatedly.

Now that its december, I would like to think that I have learned my lesson. Sort of. As of this month, it is time to remind myself that it is not Douchember, so maybe keeping myself away from the dudes will work a bit better.

On the side note, school is done, I have gone on some wicked adventuring in the past few months, cooked a friggin amazing turkey named Murray and haven't been to TO since I left. its been DAMN good actually. I have also checked some super fantastic shows out, which I normally don't make time for, but have made a point of doing more.

Also checking out more good movies than you can shake a stick at, which is always fantastic in my opinion. Dressed up as Andrew WK for Halloween, which was uneventful, turned 23 and got a fab gift and birthday with my best ladies in the world.

Had some dude say "That'll do pig," after we boned... yup. You got it, that came out of his mouth. Thinking he was refrencing Zombieland? I don't know which pisses me off more, the improper reference or the comment itself. This is why its time to take a back seat from putting myself out there, because the only people interested are shitty ones it seems.

The list of "do nots" is becoming epic.

1. hockey players
2. dudes that play music
3. frat boy types

i think that is it for now, though I am sure that I will close myself off to another stereotype by the time I get back from Cuba in January. Big fun. My cousin that is the raddest dude ever is coming back from Saskatoon tonight and going to be in TO when I get back, which is fantastic and exciting because he has been gone forever and I missed him alot. That's all I got for the moment, i'm going to try and keep better tabs on this thing now that i'm DONE SCHOOL?! oh yeah, thats effing wicked too.


Anonymous said...

firstly add bartenders at number 4 on the list.

secondly, dude fully has man tits and tell him to get the fuck off my toilet.



Kim Bastien said...
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Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha!!!!, musicians