Sunday, September 14, 2008

Knitting and Punk Rock

As the hip observer may have noticed, knitting is making a comeback. It seems to be everywhere. The knitting books are on sale in HMV by the cash, the magazines are jumping out left right and centre from the racks. And the knit-wear is clearly coming into season with the chilly weather approaching.

Now I'm not sure how into the idea of knitting stuff to wear myself all the time, but as I continue my journey of quitting smoking, I find the knitting quite soothing during long movies and other things where I otherwise would have smoked. It really is a soothing activity.

As I was knitting at a CJLO staff meeting this past week, Omar the punk-rock music director/coolest dude I know proceeded to tell me a story, complete with knitting anecdote that ALSO relates to music.

The band Thrice also seems to find knitting soothing because apparently they all knit as well. And while driving on tour, their straight edge member was behind the wheel of the tour van and was pulled over for suspicion of DUI. It was late and imagine the surprise of the police officer when they pulled over the van and found three of the four members knitting.

What kind of a rock and roll band is that?

The kind I want to interview, I will tell you that. I have never been the biggest fan of Thrice. Their first album, Identity Crisis (2001) was mediocre at BEST in my humble opinion.

But I will tell you now, I have a new found respect for this band and assure you that if I ever get to interview the band on behalf of the Concordian, I will be sure to give you an uncovered, truth revealing story on why the band Thrice chooses to knit on tour.

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