Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Death Cab Review (for you!)

You know when you FINALLY get the chance to see a band you just keep missing? A band that either gets injured when they are supposed to tour to Montreal or you take a shift for a friend at work and you realize that it’s the same night as the show you said you would buy scalper tickets too because you didn’t have to work?

Death Cab for Cutie is that band for me. Finally, finally, finally were we able to get in the same place at the same time. We met over when Soul meets Body in Quai Jeanne Meance. There weren’t as many people there for the show as I expected but the weather has been pretty questionable in the last few weeks.

It was grey outside, but cool, as though the forces of Ben Gibbard were fighting off the rain. I missed the opening act, though I have never listened them so it would have been my first impression anyhow.

It was love at first sight. When a band sounds AS good live as they do on CD, if not better, it is one of the best things for me. Death Cab are just that. They sounded great, but my only complaint is that they really didn’t play for very long.

They played a great mix of songs, new and old. A little acoustic, not too much banter. But it didn’t feel personal. It felt like a band that had never ever played here before. Which is hardly the case with Death Cab. So this impersonal feeling that I had seemed slightly unjustified.

I didn’t feel like they were playing for ME. I didn’t feel like I was lost in the sound. I mean, I did by the end because I had a few beers, but the boys in Death Cab didn’t evoke that emotion in me from their music.

All in all, it sounded good and I can’t say I’m disappointed, but more that I had much higher expectations. A few more songs would have helped but otherwise, it was worth the metro trip down to the pier.

*Actually, if you like emo kids in glasses, AA shirts and REALLY tight pants, it would have been worth it for you. Holy, was there another dress code I didn’t know about?

-Lindsay Wood

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